Pinoy Cyber Sale 2017 is here!

admin November 18, 2017 No Comments

If the USA has its Black Friday 2017, we Filipinos also have a Pinoy Cyber Sale 2017. Starting this Nov. 24 till Nov. 27, experience amazing discounts Pinoy Style of up to 80% off. Revolutionize how to shop! Shop online at Lazada Philippines! Don’t miss it!

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Amazon’s Black Friday 2017 is back!

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The ultimate online discount shopping event is back and Amazon is leading the pack. No need to explain more. Just hover thru this Amazon link and see the best deals. Amazon’s Black Friday deals start on Friday midnight, November 17 til Sunday, November 26. Amazing 10 days of discounts and surprise deals. Enjoy shopping online! To consolidate and save on your shopping spree, we recommend:  

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Why did I create the Filipino Souq online ads portal?

admin November 12, 2017 2 Comments

I am a big fan of social media platforms. I super appreciate how it revolutionized how we get to know information especially when we shop and sell our items. A few months ago, I joined a group on Facebook at my local community composed of a mind-blowing 200,000 plus “active” members. (…and growing as you read this.) I was eager to join and share some stuff I needed to sell. I thought that with those big numbers, my items will be seen by many. (I thought that even if 1% of those members see my posting, that’s still 2,000 people). That was my motivation. So I posted my ad and waited for approval. (I appreciate that posted ads are vetted as it filters spammy and illegitimate postings). After 4 days, I received a notification that my ad was approved. My heart was full of adrenaline. I logged in to my […]

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