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Posting in is very easy.

Step 1 – Just create an account with your email address.

Step 2 – Once in, choose a category and you can upload the details and descriptions of the items you wish to sell.

Step 3 – Wait for approval within 24 hours

Step 4 – Once approved, feel free to share to others when you see your items visible online

HOWEVER, kindly take note and read before posting:

1) was created to provide everyone in the State of Qatar a more visible online space to share anything they want to sell or to announce.

2) Only LEGAL items and services will be approved for posting. We are all bound by the rules and regulations in the State of Qatar, so kindly exercise prudence.

3) Kindly make sure to provide accurate names, item details and contact numbers for an efficient flow of transactions.

4) Only three pictures are allowed per post so kindly make sure to provide the best and clearest picture of your items.

5) Multiple posts per item will not be approved.

6) will not be responsible for any approved listing that you buy when you contact the seller. Kindly exercise prudence. A key rule – If it looks dubious or too good to be true, then it probably is. We reiterate, make sure to deal with legitimate sellers and buy LEGAL items only.

7) All posts are subject for approval. Once you shared an item, we will do our best to have it uploaded within 24 hours for everyone to see.

8) We are just named because this portal is made by Filipinos, but everyone is invited to post and join in our community.

9) If you want to report a post that you saw – either it is illegal, inaccurate or any issues with it, kindly email it to us at

10) A post can be visible for 30 days only to give way to others. will have the right to take down posts after 30 days. (We will, however, keep the posted ads in our archives for another 30 days just in case you want to activate it again. Feel free to email us at if you wish to activate the same ad. Nonetheless, you can post a new ad again and follow the same procedures in posting.)

11) The primary language of the website is English. If you wish to post in Arabic or a different language, kindly provide in parenthesis its English translation.

12) Posting your items to sell or to announce in is absolutely FREE =)

13) For Companies and Business entities who wish to put their logos and advertise in our portal, kindly email us at and we’ll discuss a mutually beneficial deal.

14) If you have further inquiries, feel free to email us at

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